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Family Engagement

Over 40 years of research has found that family engagement is critical to the educational success of both the child and the school because it:
  • raises the academic achievement of students
  • improves the attitudes and performances of children in school
  • has a positive effect on self-esteem and motivation to learn
  • reduces behavior problems and lowers dropout rates
  • helps parents understand and be more supportive of the school's curriculum, policies, and procedures.
  • builds school-community relationships in an ongoing, problem-preventing way
  • gives teachers an opportunity to get acquainted with the family and learn about their concerns, which, in turn, helps them respond to their needs
There are several ways that you can help improve the family engagement at your child's school.
School Improvement Team
Each Title I school has a School Improvement Team (SIT).  Each team must have at least one parent representative who serves as a liaison between the school and the parents of the community.  Some schools have more than one parent.  The schools are encouraged to also include at least one parent of a special needs student.  If you are interested in joining your child's school's SIT, please speak to the Principal. 
Each school would like to have a PTA/PTO.  The function of this group is to support the mission of each school.  Unfortunately, schools often need help funding special events and programs.  Many PTAs/PTOs fundraise to provide money to help schools pay for these events and programs.  Check with the principal to see how you can join or start a PTA/PTO at your child's school.
Many schools welcome volunteers who enjoy helping out.  Each school is unique and have different tasks that volunteers can perform.  If you have a special talent, such as painting or sewing, you may want to volunteer to teach special classes to students.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let your child's principal know.