The mission of Plaquemines’ Title I program is to support the instructional program of the general fund in reading and math by providing supplemental instruction that emphasizes success in the regular school program, attainment of grade level proficiency, and mastery of both basic and advanced skills.
The Title I program further strives to ensure the well-being and self-esteem of Title I children by maintaining high expectations for their educational development and by using materials and strategies that provide challenge and instill the ability to employ critical thinking skills.
Operating under the belief that every child can learn, the Title I instructional staff will seek and participate in the kinds of staff development that will provide techniques for reaching all children, such as balanced literacy, multi sensory methodologies, math manipulatives, computer assisted instruction, cooperative learning, peer coaching, learning styles, classroom management, and activities that encourage the use of critical thinking.  
The Plaquemines Parish Title I program promotes and encourages the active participation in the education of their children by all Title I parents.
For more information concerning our Title I Program or the Title I Family Engagement Policy, you can download the handbooks by clicking the links below.