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Title One » Parents' Right to Know

Parents' Right to Know

Parents' Right to Know

The "No Child Left Behind" Act clears states that parents have the right to know the "Highly Qualified" status of their child's teacher and/or any paraprofessionals that work directly with their child.  There are two instances when you will receive letters from the school concerning "Parent's Right to Know."  

Highly-Qualified Notification
At the beginning of each year, you will receive a letter from your child's school informing you that you have the right to request your child's teacher's professional qualifications.  If you would like to receive information concerning your child's teacher's qualifications, simply respond to the letter, and the school will send you the information.  For your convenience, I have added a link to the "Teach Louisiana" website.  This will allow you to check the professional qualifications of teachers.  

Non-Highly Qualified Teacher for Four or More Consecutive Weeks
You will also receive a notice if your child will be taught by someone for four or more consecutive weeks who is not "highly qualified."  This may happen if your child's regular teacher has to be out for a maternity leave or an extended illness.  Even though we try as hard as possible to hire a certified, highly qualified teacher to teach for those four or more weeks, it is difficult.  As a result, we may have to hire someone who isn't highly qualified.