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The PPSB health insurance will be provided by UnitedHealthcare. Two plans are being offered; an Ochsner/UHC PPO and an Ochsner/UHC PPO High Deductible plan. The biggest difference you will see is that the UnitedHealthcare plans offer an Ochsner benefit and a UHC benefit within the same plan. Staying within the Ochsner network results in lower co-pays and co-insurance once your deductible is met. However, you are not limited to Ochsner. Both plans are PPO’s which means you have coverage anywhere in the United States as long as the provider is in the UHC network. This includes specialty hospitals such as M.D. Anderson and John Hopkins. UnitedHealthcare DOES NOT waive the deductible for retirees enrolled in Medicare on the high deductible plan. The high deductible plan has out of network (providers not within the UHC network) coverage as well, but at an increased deductible. The Board will continue to make contributions to employee health savings accounts for employees enrolled in the high deductible plan provided they are eligible.