Plaquemines Parish School Board

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Representatives from National Teachers Association and Taylor and Sons will be visiting locations throughout the district to meet with employees. NTA will be in our district March 2 -13 and Taylor and Sons will be March 23 - 27. See the attached schedule.
Please take a few minutes to meet with them. It will be at this time you are able to enroll, cancel,  and/or make changes to your benefit selections such as the Cafeteria Plan, Vision, Life, Accident, Cancer, and Heart Insurance policies.  This is the only time you will have the option to enroll in any of these plans.
VOYA representatives will also be available during the open enrollment periods to speak with any employees that would like to discuss 403b retirement investment accounts.
Please keep in mind, benefit premiums you choose to include in the Cafeteria Plan, though beneficial for tax purposes, limits your ability to cancel participation at any time. Be sure to read the fine print prior to signing your commitment to participation for the full year.
Changes made during this open enrollment period typically become effective May 1st and will be reflected in your May payroll check.
If you are not able to meet with a representative at your location or your location is not listed, you may meet with them at another location.
Please take a few minutes to stop in and sign your 2020 election sheet even if you are not making any changes.