The Plaquemines Parish School Board, in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), shall require students, in order to be eligible for graduation, to successfully complete at a minimum the requirements mandated by BESE and outlined in the Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741.  The School Board may impose additional requirements as it deems appropriate.




In addition to completing the minimum Carnegie Units of credit, the students shall also be required to pass certain components of the Graduation Exit Examination as required by BESE.  Remediation and retake opportunities shall be provided for students who do not pass the test.


Each student and his/her parent or guardian shall be notified of the requirement of passing the Graduation Exit Examination prior to or upon the student entering the 10th grade, or upon entering the system when transferring to any high school within the system.




The early exit program involves those students who, because of extraordinary circumstances, exit school after December of their senior year.  Seniors may participate in early exit under the following guidelines:


  1. The student must have earned twenty-four (24) units towards graduation and completed all graduation requirements.

  2. The student must have a paid fee bill for post-secondary tuition, or

  3. The student must have enrolled in a full-time, state-approved apprenticeship program, or

  4. Other extenuating circumstances exist.

  5. Students will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, cheerleading, yearbook, class officer) if participating in early exit.

  6. Students who aspire to graduate with honors are not eligible for early exit.

  7. An early exit conference must occur between the principal, student, parent, counselor, and a representative from the central office.  At the conclusion of this meeting, the student must fill out an early exit form to be signed by the counselor and the parent and approved by the principal.




Graduating seniors, in Plaquemines Parish, after completing their final examinations, will not be dismissed until ten (10) school days prior to the end of the current school session.


Revised:  April, 2010

Adopted:  November 1, 2010



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741, §2318, §2319, Louisiana Department of Education

Board minutes, 6-8-09


Plaquemines Parish School Board