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Mary Ellen Hamner
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator

Pupil Appraisal is charged with the tasks related to the evaluation of students for services in special education. In Plaquemines Parish Schools, multidisciplinary teams of a variety of professionals are utilized for these tasks. We have two formal teams (North & South) that provide evaluations and other services throughout the parish.

Pupil Appraisal: The purpose of the Pupil Appraisal Team is to provide support services for students who have academic, behavioral, and/or communication challenges, adjustment difficulties, and/or other special needs which are adversely impacting educational performance. Services include, but are not limited to: assistance in the consultation; development/implementation of interventions; assessments; evaluations; referrals; interpretations; and related services. School Psychologists, School Social Workers, Education Diagnosticians, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Adapted Physical Education Teachers, and School Nurses can make up these teams.

Interventions: The law requires that regular education Tier I-III interventions be implemented in an effort to improve academic, speech/language, ADHD, and/or behavioral problems. Student progress during interventions must be monitored and documented prior to referral for special education services. Interventions must be research-based and include pre-test/baseline, post-test, and progress monitoring. Interventions must be implemented with fidelity.

Evaluations: Evaluations can be conducted only with parent permission and only after Tier I- III interventions have been implemented and were unsuccessful in improving student performance/behavior to an acceptable level. Only students suspected of low incidence exceptionalities may be evaluated without Tier I-III intervention data (i.e. severe medical issues; Deafness; Blindness; Traumatic Brain Injury; behavioral concerns that are a threat to the child or others; etc.). SBLC packets can be obtained through the School Counselor or Intervention Strategist and must be completed in-full at least one week prior to the SBLC meeting. SBLC/Intervention meetings are held once per month. Typically, evaluations are completed within 60 working days from receipt of the parent’s permission.