About Student Services

Role of the Office of Student Services

The primary role of the Plaquemines Parish School Board’s Office of Student Services is to ensure that the district provides a safe and orderly environment conducive to teaching and learning. This office works collaboratively with school board members, central office administrators, school administrators, and other stakeholders to devise and implement policies and procedures to make this possible. These policies and procedures provide a framework by which the district tries to prevent, modify, or resolve student behavior and safety issues. This office also works closely with other governmental agencies such as the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, Plaquemines Parish Government Emergency Operations, Plaquemines Parish Fire Department, and the District Attorney’s Office in relation to a myriad of other school safety issues such as crises, emergencies, drug and alcohol, cyberbullying, neglect and abuse, truancy, etc. 


The Director of Student Services is also the school district’s hearing officer. He must comprehensively review discipline files to make sure that schools and students are following policies as they relate to tiered interventions, the student code of conduct, and laws, such as Act 504 and IDEA.