Plaquemines Parish School Board
    User Notice
       Section A
       Section B
       Section C
       Section D
       Section E
          EB, Buildings and Grounds Management
          EBB, Safety Program
          EBBA, Fire Prevention
          EBBC, Emergency/Crisis Management
          EBBD, Closing of Schools
          EBBG, Hazardous Substances
          EBBH, Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
          EBC, Buildings and Grounds Security
          EBCA, Vandalism
          EBCB, Video Monitoring of School Board Property
          EBG, Maintenance of School Board Property
          EBJ, School Elevator Acceptable Use
          ECF, Equipment Maintenance
          ED, Student Transportation Management
          EDAE, Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
          EDBA, Responsibility for Vehicle Operation
          EDBB, Use of Private Vehicles for School Business
          EDC, Student Transportation Safety Program
          EDD, School Bus Scheduling and Routing
          EDDA, Special Use of School Buses
          EE, Child Nutrition Program Management
          EE-P, Food Service Discriminatory Complaint Procedure
          EFA, Employee Technology and Internet Acceptable Use
          EFAA, Employee Use of Social Media
          EFC, Copyright
          EG, Insurance and Risk Management
          EGAA, Worker's Compensation
       Section F
       Section G
       Section H
       Section I
       Section J
       Section K
       Section L
       Section M