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It shall be the policy of the Plaquemines Parish School Board that monies of all school-sponsored student organizations be deposited with the school's accounts in the principal's office daily.  The treasurer of the organization shall be issued a receipt for each deposit, and he/she shall keep a record of the organization's account including all deposits and disbursements.  Proper accounting of all school activity, organizational or other funds shall be in accordance with procedures outlined by the Superintendent.


The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be responsible for exercising control over all fund raising activities.  He/she or his/her designee shall establish and maintain administrative regulations governing all school related fund raising activities.  Such activities shall be continually monitored to assure proper management of all funds.  The system of accounting for school monies shall be in conformity with the system of accounting recommended by the Board and other appropriate authorities.


Officers of the affected school-sponsored organization, the sponsor of that organization, and the principal shall jointly determine use of such funds.


Revenues derived from P.T.A. and other clubs, excluding dues, are considered to be school funds and are subject to the regulations governing the expenditure of public funds.  If club dues are not used for school related purposes, they may be omitted and left to the custody of the club.


Adopted:  November 1, 2010



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 51:224

Board minutes, 7-11-88


Plaquemines Parish School Board