It is the policy of the Plaquemines Parish School Board that only students actually residing within the legal political boundaries of Plaquemines Parish are eligible to attend the Plaquemines Parish Public Schools and then in the appropriate school attendance area wherein the student physically resides on a permanent basis.


For admission into a Plaquemines Parish Public School, certain documentation must be submitted to school officials within ten (10) calendar days of initial request for entry.  Admission shall be provisional and shall be terminated if necessary documents are not presented within the allotted time.


Documents submitted as proof of residence of the student must bear the name and current physical address of the bona fide resident of Plaquemines Parish with whom the child is actually residing.


Acceptable documents must include at least three (3) of the following:


  1. Lease agreement.

  2. Utility bill or deposit - electric, gas, telephone.

  3. Copy of an agreement to purchase or an act of sale for a completed dwelling, with actual purchase or physical change of residence to take place within thirty (30) days.

  4. Copy of an agreement to purchase or an act of sale for a residential lot and a notarized statement from a contractor indicating the anticipated date of completion of a dwelling on the lot with said completion not to exceed ninety (90) calendar days.

  5. Legal document issued by or approved by the Juvenile Court for the Parish of Plaquemines giving control and full custody to the adult(s) (if other than the student's parent(s) or legal guardian(s)) with whom the student resides in Plaquemines Parish if the student is sixteen (16) years of age or younger.

  6. Legal document verifying student's emancipation and/or proof of residence as sanctioned by the 25th Judicial Court.

  7. Legal document issued by or approved by the U.S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization indicating residence in Plaquemines Parish.

  8. Homestead Exemption Certificate.

  9. Military Housing Assignment.


State law also requires that an original birth certificate or birth certification form with the appropriate seal be presented for students in grades pre-K-2; a birth recorded on an official transcript may be accepted in grades 3-12 (La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:222 and Policy JBB, Entrance Age).


In the event the required documentation cannot be provided, the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance shall determine the acceptability of available documents, which determination shall be consistent with the opinion of the School Board Attorney.


A student residing within the legal political boundaries of the Parish of Plaquemines will not be granted admission to a school out of the designated attendance zone, except in special cases relating to the welfare of the community and its schools or to individual cases of hardship, nor does this apply to children of employees of the Plaquemines Parish School Board.  The Superintendent of Schools shall have the discretionary power to make a provisional judgment and present such findings and decisions to the School Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting for discussion and appropriate action.


The School Board reserves the right to investigate the actual residence of any student enrolled in its schools and/or to deny any enrollment request.


This policy is not intended to affect the obligation(s) of the School Board under the Homeless and Abandoned Children Act.


Revised:  December, 2001

Adopted:  November 1, 2010



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:104.1, 17:105, 17:105.1, 17:221.2, 17:222; 17:238

Board minutes 2-13-89, 8-22-96, 12-3-01


Plaquemines Parish School Board