The Plaquemines Parish School Board believes that student activities of the school are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means for developing wholesome attitudes and good human relations, as well as knowledge and skills.  The School Board believes that school citizenship, as reflected in student activities, is a measure of the achievement of important school goals.  The School Board recognizes that the greatest values to be derived from both curricular and extracurricular student school activities occur when such activities are developed and encouraged through participation among, or the knowledge of, the student body, interested members in the community, and school staff. All activities shall be in compliance with pertinent regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.


The School Board further believes that any program of student activities should:


  1. Require all student participation to be on a voluntary basis;

  2. Require that student activity funds should be used for purposes which benefit the student body of the school;

  3. Require that the management of student funds be the responsibility of the students with the assistance from the organizational sponsor and the school administration; and

  4. Permit the formulation of student unions, student clubs, and other student groups organized to promote or pursue specialized social services and social activities providing that all organizations have the prior approval of the Board of Education.


However, as scholastic achievement is the primary function of the Plaquemines Parish School Board, the School Board has developed a grade point average (GPA) requirement and a pass-minimum requirement as a condition for academic eligibility for participation in extracurricular as well as co-curricular activities.


All work missed by students while participating in student activities or events shall be made up and completed in a manner that would be required of any other students in order to receive credit.


No student shall be allowed to participate in any event on the day or night while the student is under suspension from school.




Extracurricular student activities are those activities which are not directly related to the program of studies, but are considered valuable for the overall development of the student, and which are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school.


Cheerleaders and dance team members shall be required to pass a physical examination by a licensed physician prior to any performing or practicing activity.


Notwithstanding any policy, rule, or regulation adopted by the School Board to the contrary, no student otherwise eligible to participate in an extracurricular activity, including interscholastic athletics, shall be limited in the number of such activities in which the student may participate in a school year.




The School Board endorses the scholastic eligibility requirements as a condition for participation in high school extracurricular activities as stipulated by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA).


  1. To be eligible for the first semester of the school year, a student shall have earned at least six (6) units from the previous year, which shall be listed on the student’s transcript and shall have earned at least a "C" average a determined by the School Board when considering all "graded" subjects.

  2. Block Scheduling: Students enrolled in schools that schedule classes for one full unit of credit during one semester of classes shall determine eligibility at the end of the first semester of a school year by taking a subject’s Carnegie unit value and the grade points earned in that subject and multiplying by two when calculating the student’s grade point average.  No multiplication is required when determining eligibility at the end of the school year for the first semester of the next year.  Eligibility shall be determined by the earning of eight (8) units and at least a “C” average.

  3. Under the 4x4 Block system, a senior (12th Grade) who has accumulated 20 or more units shall be required to take at least two (2) subjects/units per semester, none of which shall be subjects/units the student has previously taken and passed.  The two (2) required subjects may include college courses that have been approved by the SDE and/or the LA Board of Regents.


Although the Plaquemines Parish School Board recognizes values to be gained from properly supervised extra-class activities as a part of the total school program, it is also imperative that such activities, are properly supervised, kept in proper perspective, and are retained in the school program in order to give students opportunities for experiences not possible in classroom activities.  The amount of time these activities take students away from school during school hours or away from studies on "school nights" shall be limited.


The School Board believes that non-school organizations should be strictly limited in any activities which affect students during the school day or which affect the school program.




Co-curricular activities are those activities that are relevant, supportive and are an integral part of the course of study in which the student is enrolled, and which are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school instructional staff.


Any student who participates in a co-curricular student activity must follow the academic requirements as set forth by the School Board.  If the club or organization is a nationally recognized club whose entrance requirements exceed the academic eligibility requirements of the School Board, such club would use the national guidelines for determining eligibility.




  1. Eligibility/ineligibility shall be determined on a nine-weeks basis.

  2. At the beginning of the ninth grade year, a student must have been academically promoted from the eighth grade to the ninth grade and have attained the necessary GPA required.

  3. Students' eligibility shall be determined on the fifth school day following the end of the second nine-weeks marking period or the fourth nine-weeks marking period.

  4. Students who are ineligible shall not participate or try out while they are ineligible.  (Try-outs shall not be held prior to the end of the 3rd nine-weeks grading period.)

  5. Students may gain eligibility requirements by attending a state-approved summer school.  Principal's approval is required prior to attending any state-approved summer school.

  6. New registrants shall present evidence of having attained the required GPA from the previous year or from the marking period preceding their enrollment in Plaquemines Parish.

  7. Parents/guardians must sign an agreement form for students to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

  8. Special Education Resource students shall follow the same requirements outlined above.

  9. The above requirements apply to all participants and to ancillary persons.




  1. One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) allotted to one Quiz Bowl Team per high school annually to be used for tournament expenses, materials and travel up to the state level.  Any unused balance shall be applied to the next year's allotment.

  2. An additional amount not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) shall be allotted to any team participating in a state tournament.

  3. Additional funds for any team competing at the National level will be determined by distance of travel.




All non-academic and extracurricular services and activities shall be offered to all exceptional students in a manner that allows them equal opportunity to participate in services and activities.


Revised:  March, 1999 Adopted:  December 6, 2010
Revised:  April, 2010 Revised:  July 9, 2013
Adopted:  November 1, 2010 Revised:  October 7, 2013



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Plaquemines Parish School Board