The Plaquemines Parish School Board, along with all administrators, teachers, and school employees, are charged with molding the lives of students entrusted to the school’s care.  The Plaquemines Parish Schools are the product of democracy.  Consequently, it is the primary goal of the school system to instill in our students an appreciation of the values of this democracy, and the attendant advantages of sound physical, mental, and emotional habits.


The school should presume its share of responsibility for individual development of new interests and aspirations.  Success of this individual development will yield a new permanent satisfaction enabling society to attain a higher quality of living.


The school district's philosophy of education is based upon democratic principles.  It embraces the thesis of the dignity and of the unique value of each individual personality.  In a school system based on a democratic philosophy of education, it is imperative that our basic consideration answers the question:  What is best for the student in order that he/she may develop to the fullest of his/her potential?


The school district recognizes that the school must focus attention upon the vital situations which confront the student.  It must help to develop intelligent techniques for the discovery of the problems resident within a given situation, and the determination of proper methods for the solution of the problem.  It should assist students in becoming well rounded, well integrated individuals who know how to live in a democratic society, make necessary adjustments, and prepare for the future by developing native abilities.  As future citizens, they should have an appreciation of both the responsibilities and benefits which come to them because they are free Americans.


In its relationship with the instructional program, the Board hopes to make its finest contribution to education in the community.  The Board sees itself supporting and supplementing the efforts of the faculty, not trespassing.


Fine teachers, administrators, and other instructional personnel need several kinds of important help from laymen.  Most important of all, they need to know what is expected for children and youths to learn.  Accordingly, the Board shall determine and monitor the purposes of schools in the system.


How school is to be taught is, the Board believes, strictly the prerogative of the professional educators.  The contribution to that primary operation is to provide the needed equipment, materials of instruction, and such other facilitating action that they may request.


The whole school district is interested, too, in supporting the schools' continuing efforts to improve the instructional program - assuming that there is always room for improvement.


Finally - and of extreme importance - the School Board desires to have the staff present Board members with evidence of achievement, or lack of achievement, of pupils in light of the schools' goals.  It is clear that factual evidence of the productivity of Plaquemines Parish schools is the Board's best device for evaluating the educational system, for guiding improvement efforts, and for fostering approval of schools.


Adopted:  November 1, 2010


Plaquemines Parish School Board