Upon initial employment, teachers shall remain on an at-will employment status until they have successfully met the statutory criteria to be granted tenure with the school system.  During this period, the teacher may be terminated by the Superintendent after providing the teacher with written reasons therefor and an opportunity to respond within seven (7) days.




Employees hired under a promotional or performance contract shall not be entitled to any probationary period.




Each school bus operator shall serve a probationary term of three (3) years from the date of first employment in the district.  During the probationary term, the School Board may dismiss or discharge any operator upon the written recommendation of the Superintendent, accompanied by valid reasons therefor.


Any school bus operator found unsatisfactory by the School Board at the expiration of the probationary term shall be notified in writing by the Board that he/she has been discharged or dismissed; in the absence of such notification, such probationary school bus operator shall automatically become a regular and permanent operator in the employ of the School Board.  A school bus operator hired on or after July 1, 2012 shall not be eligible to become a regular and permanent operator.




Each new school employee of the Plaquemines Parish School Board shall serve a probationary term of six (6) months, such probationary term to be reckoned from the date of his/her first appointment to the position in which he/she is serving probation.  The 6-months probation period is to consist of one-half (½) the number of assigned workdays in a work year as established by the School Board for the position in question, i.e., a 12-month employee works 238 days, so the probationary period would be for 119 work days; a 202-day employee would work 101 days on probation.  The probationary period may extend into the next work year in accordance with the beginning date of appointment, depending on the date of hire.


During the probationary period, the Board may dismiss or discharge any probationary employee upon written recommendation of the Superintendent, accompanied by valid reasons.


During the probationary period, the employee shall be observed and evaluated in accordance with his/her ability to perform job requirements which includes the ability to work cooperatively and professionally with fellow workers, administration, other school personnel, students, and the general public.  In addition, performance of assigned tasks done proficiently and in a timely manner will be noted.


An employee on probation will receive a salary (and benefits, if full-time) as per the salary schedule for that position.


Revised:  April, 2010

Adopted:  November 1, 2010

Revised:  August 6, 2012



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:441, 17:442, 17:492

Board minutes, 9-10-01, 8-6-12


Plaquemines Parish School Board