The Plaquemines Parish School Board requires standards of professional decorum that foster learning in an orderly manner.  The Board expressly prohibits the wearing, i.e., in front shirt pocket, clipped to a side pocket or belt or waist band, and the use or activation, including vibrate setting, of any electronic telecommunication device including any facsimile system, radio paging service, mobile telephone service, intercom, electro-mechanical paging system, and/or the “Bluetooth” or other ear-listening device, except as expressly authorized by the school principal or designee, and approved by central office administration, during work hours, including active class time, on duty, in the halls, in the cafeteria, on the grounds, in any school bus, during professional development sessions, at faculty/staff meetings and School Board meetings, during state testing, and/or school-related programs (events) such as graduation, beauty contest, Breakfast of Champions, Quiz Bowl, etc.


Administrators, in their supervisory capacity, as well as designated support personnel, are allowed to have discretionary use of such electronic devices.


Consequences for violation of this policy are as follows:


First Offense:

Warning from the principal or immediate supervisor, and a written reprimand placed in the employee’s file.


Second Offense:

A conference with the Assistant Superintendent of Administration and a written reprimand placed in the employee’s file.  A copy will be forwarded to the superintendent’s office.


Subsequent Offenses:

Any further offenses will be referred to the superintendent who shall take whatever administrative action is deemed appropriate.


Adopted:  September, 2001

Revised:  May, 2007

Adopted: November 1, 2010



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:239

Board minutes, 9-10-01, 5-7-07


Plaquemines Parish School Board