The Plaquemines Parish School Board expects all employees to conduct themselves with a high level of professional decorum and to dress in such a manner as to reflect positively on the individual, the school, and the education profession.  Professional decorum and dress set a tone which encourages respect from students, parents, and other professionals and which fosters learning and classroom order.  Conversely, inappropriate dress may create distractions to the teaching-learning processes and may reflect negatively on the individual, the school, and the teaching profession.


The Plaquemines Parish School Board reserves the right to require standards of appropriate dress which are conducive to safety, orderly classroom decorum, and which reflects positively on the school.  The School Board also recognizes the need to administer such a dress code with regard to the school setting.




  1. Any style of hair that creates a distraction shall be considered inappropriate. Unnatural or fluorescent (yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, pink, or red) colored hair is prohibited.

  2. Caps, hats, and/or hoods shall not be worn indoors.

  3. Men's hair shall not extend lower than the top of a dress shirt collar.

  4. Men's facial hair shall be neatly groomed.

  5. Clothing shall be properly sized.  Overly-tight, revealing, and/or sheer clothing is inappropriate and prohibited.

  6. No sweat suits, wind suits, or jogging suits shall be worn, except by physical education personnel.  (Athletic gear and tear away pants are prohibited.)

  7. Physical Education (P.E.) coaches may wear shorts while in P.E. classes (same length as P.E. uniforms).  Action-wear pants or a skirt shall be worn while in a classroom.

  8. The wearing of any form of a T-shirt shall be prohibited.  The wearing of shorts shall be prohibited (with exceptions for shorts noted below and #7 above.  Bus operators shall be allowed to wear knee-length shorts.  Daisy Duke and other short shorts shall be prohibited.

  9. Clothing that exposes the back, chest, cleavage, or midriff is prohibited.  Clothing with skin or undergarments showing shalll not be permitted.

  10. Blue jeans or other colored denim pants shall be prohibited.  (Red, white, blue, black, burgundy, tan, brown, orange, purple, etc.)

  11. A belt shall be worn if pant design so necessitates.

  12. Clean canvas/leather shoes may be worn.

  13. No bedroom slippers, moccasins, beach slides or beach flip-flops, wooden-heeled clogs, flip flops, Crocs, or plastic shoes shall be worn.  (Safety precaution.)  Backless shoes (other than the shoes mentioned above) may be worn.  Enclosed-toe shoes are preferred.  Men shall wear enclosed footwear.

  14. Special dress shall be permitted for field trips or similar activities, as approved by the Superintendent.  Short shorts or “Daisy Duke” shorts shall be prohibited.

  15. Neckties shall be required for men in administrative positions, i.e. principals, assistant principals, disciplinarians/ARF, curriculum coordinators, and central office professional personnel.

  16. Denim shirts, jumpers, dresses and skirts may be worn.

  17. No more than two earrings per ear may be worn.

  18. Any additional body piercings such as nose rings, tongue rings, lip rings, belly button rings, eyebrow rings, etc., shall be prohibited.  Body rings and/or studs shall be removed.

  19. All visible tattoos shall be covered.

  20. Skirts/dress hems shall be worn at the knee (touching the top of the knee) or below.  Skorts, split skirts, and gauchos shall be prohibited.

  21. Stirrup pants, stretch pants, capri pants, cropped pants, and leggings worn as pants shall not be allowed.  Pants shall be the standard length, to the ankle or below, but no more than 1” above the ankle.  Exception:  Employees shall be allowed to wear cropped pants and capri pants during the summer months of June and July.

  22. Cell phones, beepers or other electronic devices, and/or the Bluetooth or other ear-listening devices shall not be worn, used, or activated or put on “vibrate” setting during work hours, including active class time, on duty, in the halls, in the cafeteria, on the grounds, in any school bus, during professional development sessions, at faculty/staff meetings and School Board meetings, during state testing, and/or school-related programs (events) such as graduation, beauty contests, Breakfast of Champions, Quiz Bowl, etc.  (Wearing a cell phone or other electronic device includes such areas as: in the front shirt pocket, clipped to a side pocket or belt or waist band, clipped to the ear, etc.)

  23. Special dress shall be permitted for seasonal activities, laboratory activities, spirit day, field trips, or similar activities, as approved by the Superintendent.  No tear away pants or short shorts shall be allowed.

  24. Any garment, hair style, adornment, jewelry, or appearance considered inappropriate by the administration shall be prohibited.


NOTE: All Plaquemines Parish School Board support service employees must dress appropriately as dictated by their job responsibilities.


Revised:  June 7, 2004 Adopted:  November 1, 2010
Revised:  July 31, 2006 Adopted:  May 2, 2011
Revised:  July 9, 2007 Revised:  August 4, 2014
Revised:  January, 2010 Revised:  August 8, 2016
Revised:  July 2010  



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

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