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The Plaquemines Parish School Board recognizes the importance of having a sufficient fund balance for maintaining and protecting the long-term financial capacity of the school system.  The school system shall strive to achieve and maintain a fund balance sufficient to finance short-term operations, protect against contingencies and to help achieve long-term goals.


The Board shall periodically assess its fund balance for the purpose of achieving its short-term and long-term budgeting and financial objectives, as well as for the purpose of determining amounts which may be committed for future contingencies and other long-term goals.  This assessment shall take into account projected revenues, planned expenditures and other cash flow needs.


The Board shall strive to commit the maximum amount of fund balance for future contingencies and other long-term objectives, consistent with its other financial requirements and goals.  The Board shall also strive to keep the number of these commitments to a minimum, in order to allow for efficient accounting, assessment and reporting requirements.


Adopted:  June 6, 2011



Ref:     Board minutes, 6-6-11


Plaquemines Parish School Board